Universiteit van Zoeloeland ondersoek vir korrupsie

Greedy World Bank Endorses Land Expropriation Without Compensation! Happy to Profit From Poor SA’s Misery, Debt and Destruction

After a Quarter Century of Black Rule in SA, “Blacks” Still Blame “Whites” For EVERYTHING! When will blacks appropriate accountability, responsibility, duty and honour?

Teenager draws gun during fight, Trenance Park library, KZN

Dit sardyne loop weer uiteindelik in Natal!

Rats feed on corpse in Nkonjeni District Hospital, KZN

Explosives similar to those used in CIT heists stolen from Zululand Anthracite Colliery

Stepfather severely assaulted by mob for raping his 10 year old stepdaughter – Hope they did a good job!

If you’re looking for a job‚ head to Durban

KZN village in the grips of ‘gold rush’- ‘Probably fool’s gold‚ but they are desperate’